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Lovingly referred to as the Swiss Army Knife of PC gaming, Special K does a bit of everything. It is best known for fixing and enhancing graphics, its many detailed performance analysis and correction mods, and a constantly growing palette of tools that solve a wide variety of issues affecting PC games.

For discussions and help related to Special K, we recommend joining us on Discord.


Special K has two different versions: a “stable” version that gets updated every 6 months or so, as well as a more experimental version where new features and fixes are introduced before being included in the next stable version.


Use the following link to download a stable version of Special K. This version is often dated by a few months, so if you run into any issues try using the experimental version as the issue might’ve been changed in that one.


The latest experimental versions can be found over on the Discord server, where all active development and releases occurs. It’s also possible to opt-in to this version from the stable version:

  1. Launch the Special K Injection Frontend (SKIF.exe)
  2. Open the ⚙ Settings tab.
  3. Change Check for updates to Special K to Discord (updates regularly).
  4. If there’s a new version available it will automatically be downloaded (~10 MB) in the background. Once the download is finished, SKIF will prompt about installing it.


Special K features a wide array of tools and overrides that can be used in most games:

On top of this Special K also features game-specific tweaks and optimizations to improve the experience for its users:

Source Code

The source code of Special K is licensed under GNU GPL v3.0 and can be found on GitHub.